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The root Emergency Exit Mother Ship Am I in the right room?  Cold Summer Lobachevsky Wall of Hopes The Division of the Plane Goodnight Moon Escher's symmetry My ignorance arranged -- call numbers included The cathedral of hopes Euclid Sapho was here On my way to the seminar's oral exam Wait - that looks symmetric to me Where is the melody coming from? Cannot help thinking of Euclid The Parting of the Water The calling of the call numbers I wish I had finished my reading The Impartial Spectator just left for dinner You have experienced it too! Thinking about what I would be thinking if I were someone else Good night noises everywhere Between Tutorial and Seminar Get a little closer - there is a whole world underneath Hi!  Is this seat taken? Bye My last night as a GI student Between Tutorials BBC 109 We grow anywhere anytime LOBACHEVSKY versus P5 Greenfield's second floor Mellon BBC's Rooms of Mirrors